Strong board-level
strategic advice

What we do for your organization:

In addition to making a capital investment which aligns our interests, our value‑added approach delivers the following benefits:

Board-level strategic advice

  • Work with your legal team to develop strategies for building and enhancing a protective moat around your business using patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets
  • Help your company retain best-in-class IP resources
  • Provide strategic advice related to efficient capital allocation for creating and maintaining your IP portfolio

Perform unparalleled IP due diligence

  • Value assessment of existing and pending IP
  • Overall assessment of current company IP strategy and game plan
  • High-level review of existing IP counsel and associated costs

Offer support from the leading IP advisor to Wall Street

  • Powered by IPD Analytics, IPD Capital has the ability to leverage a team of over 50 professionals with extensive backgrounds and expertise in IP, science, and engineering